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Green victory amidst violent right-wing defeat

Greens win 45 seats in a largely left wing parliament (photo: European Union)
Greens win 45 seats in a largely left wing parliament (Photo: European Union)

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The European Green Group has largely won the European election simulation held on campus yesterday and today, with 39,4%, in what has been a strong left-wing vote. 

The Social and Democrats Group comes second, with 15,7%, or 18 seats. The current right-wing majority party EPP experiences a heavy loss, with only 12 seats, or 10,43%.

Green front-runner Anaïs Andrä is therefore likely to become the next president of the European Commission, though her party falls short of an absolute majority: in a house of 115, the Green group could gain 45 seats, whereas the majority is at 58 seats. 

The far-left group GUE/NGL gets 15 seats. The liberal ALDE group comes fourth with 13 seats, or 10,9%. Right-wing parties were laid-off, gaining 12 seats (EPP), 8 seats (ECR), and 4 seats (EFD).

The Green party, which previously did not rule out any coalition, can now form a majority with S&D, GUE/NGL or ALDE in order to get a majority in the house, meaning the next European Parliament will be largely left-wing.

Greens win 45 seats in a largely left wing parliament

Greens win 45 seats in a largely left wing parliament

It is yet unclear which coalition will be formed.

 “The result shows a strong ideological support for left and even extreme left-wing parties”, our European affairs correspondent says. “A coalition with the liberal ALDE group would be the most unexpected of the possibilities”, he adds.

Turnout has been high, as 215 out of 241 students (89%) casted a vote.

First reactions

GUE/NGL candidate Audrey Girard says she is “très satisfait“ of the result, adding there are „nogociation“ for a coalition. “Nous avons des difficultés à interpréter le fait que S&D soit le second parti sans ne jamais avoir lancé leur campagne,“ she says.

ALDE front runner Pavel Afanasiev says that “a certain proportion of the student body voted not according to the effectiveness of the campaign, but due to ideological convictions”, though this is “perfectly understandable”. “We will be watching closely both to our left and our right, correcting erratic and irresponsible behaviour”, he says. And he adds: “We also intend to work closely with the Council of the European Union, assuring that the Green Tsunami does not end up in a natural catastrophe.“

ECR front runner Jani Erkkilä says “the ECR is very disappointed in the results and radical changes will be done.”

EFD political advisor Noé Robin says: "Demagogie rules the world once again."

We will update this article as further reactions come in.

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